> Benjamin - Month 3

Professional Photo 4, 3 months
Professional Photo 3, 3 months
Professional Photo 2, 3 months
Professional Photo 1, 3 months
Ben and Dad at Johnny's Pizza
Ben and Dad at Johnny's Pizza, take 2
Handsome devil!
Meltdown at Lanier
Generally displeased
Mmm, sweet potato a la bib
Interesting taste
Needs salt
Getting the hang of the spoon
Why do you keep taking my picture? More food, less picture.
Yum yum yum yum yum
Are we done with the pictures yet?
Feeling messy
so cute and messy!
Mom checking the flash
Mess documented!
I'm still a handsome devil.
Exersaucer mania!
Little man hard at work
Bird's eye view
Momma makes funny faces!
Still a little sweet potato on the face...